THERMOGRAPHY – Your Augmented Product!

Thermography - the augmented product!

Your THERMOGRAPHY COMFORT LEVEL – Thermography – your augmented product!

There was a book written in the 80’s by Theodore Levitt called “The Marketing Imagination”.  He was renowned as the Harvard Business School’s “guru of marketing”.  Why am I mentioning this man and his book to you?  Because our success in any business has a lot to do with our understanding “the total product concept” as discussed in this book.

Total Product Concept by Theodore Levitt

I’ll summarize Theodore Levitt’s “Total Product Concept” for you.  You’ll notice that there are 4 elements to the total product: Generic, Expected, Augmented and Potential.

Generic:  This is the base product, the table stake to enter the game.   For the ice cream shop the generic product is ice cream.   Your generic product might be water damage restoration or home inspections or energy audits.

Expected:  This includes the minimal expectations of the customer.  For the ice cream store it would include the right selection of flavors, a reasonable price, convenient store hours, clean appearance, courteous employees, fast service, etc.  And, remember, the minimal expectations of the customer changes from year to year.  You have to monitor it and make the necessary adjustments.

Augmented:  This is where you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.  You and your competitors have to meet the minimal expectations of the customer or you are out of business, right?  Meeting the minimal expectations of your customers puts you on a level playing field with your competitors but how are you going to stand out and attract more customers?  By means of the “augmented” product!  The “augmented” product goes beyond the expectations of the customer.  They like it and prefer it, but it has not become an “expected” product yet.  At this time, the infrared camera and IR technology is not an “expected” product.  People who hire water damage restoration contractors or home inspectors or energy auditors are not demanding the use of an infrared camera.  Do they like it?  Yes!  Do they prefer a company that uses this technology?  Yes!  So, an infrared camera can be defined as an “augmented” product and can differentiate you from your competitors who do not have a camera.  This would be the part of your product that you will be wise to highlight in your advertising.  This is where the money is made.

Potential:  Eventually, augmented products become the minimal expectation of the customers.  At that time you will need to replace your augmented product with a new augmented product.  That’s where the “potential” product comes in.  This is a service or part of your business that you are planning on implementing in the future.  This is a product in the planning stage, something that your customers would love to have but it’s not available yet.

Thermography – the augmented product!


As you can see, your competitive edge is in the “augmented product”, the use of the infrared camera.

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