Read the following testimonials from customers who purchased a Fluke IR Camera from Rod Hoff/ Restoration Consultants.

Why did you buy a FLUKE IR camera? “After talking with other individuals about their IR equipment, I realized that I needed to go with a company that is accessible. Also, what other IR manufacturer can say their camera will survive a 6 foot drop?”

Why did you buy your Fluke camera from Rod Hoff? “I have learned that experience and ongoing support will far outreach the lowest price offered by other entities. Rod has proven his passion for this industry – in the patient manner with which he answered all of my questions over the weeks that I researched IR equipment. His methodical approach in training makes it easy to digest and think through test-case scenarios. Rod’s ongoing support is helping me to build on the foundation that I have received from Rest Con.” —dk, MN (Fluke Ti32 – home inspector)

How would you evaluate the ATT class? “A very well put together course; concise and to the point; focus on what you must know, when to use, how and why. Extremely useful!” —fn, CA (environmental consultant)

Why did you buy a FLUKE IR camera? “ I bought a Fluke camera because I like the quality and name brand value behind Fluke. I own other Fluke test equipment as well.”

Why did you buy your Fluke camera from Rod Hoff? “ I bought my Fluke IR camera from Rod Hoff because I attended a seminar presented by Rod Hoff. The knowledge gleaned from that helped me make the business decision to invest in a thermal imaging camera, regardless of brand.” —db, CA (Fluke TiR1 – energy auditor)

Why did you buy a FLUKE IR camera? “ I bought my camera from Fluke because I felt it offered several features that apparently were not available with other brands of cameras. Knowing inspectors with another brand and watching them in operation as well as hearing of the repair issues they had, was a factor in my decision. They also had an excellent price purchase package at the time I was in a position to buy.”

Why did you buy your Fluke camera from Rod Hoff? “I purchased my camera from Rod because of my confidence in him and his teaching. I had several experiences with Rod when he was a vendor at conferences and when he gave a 4 hour familiarization training program at a conference. Over a span of time since the conference, I have called Rod for information which was always gladly given. My expectations since the class given to train me on Thermal Imaging and my camera has been exceeded. I recommend him and Fluke to any one considering a camera” —Byron Duerksen, CA (Fluke TiS – home inspector)

How would you evaluate the ATT class? “Rod did a great job explaining all aspects of thermography. Very knowledgeable! Will look forward to using his insight as we further our use and knowledge of our new product.” —lm, OR (construction)

How would you evaluate the ATT class? “Rod is an excellent instructor and is able to handle questions from all the various disciplines. He covers his material in a very understandable fashion.” —Dave Osborn, CA (Fluke TiR1 – water damage restoration)

Why did you buy your Fluke IR camera from Rod? “They are the best company from a technology stand point with a super reputation for Dependable, Precision, Accurate equipment. Feature for feature they have the best IR camera and when I show up on a job people know I am serious about IR. This is serious equipment for serious people wanting the best equipment you can buy.”

Why did you buy your Fluke Ti32 from Rod? Rod makes you feel comfortable with this new technology in his explanations and allows you to asked questions with out making you feel inadequate. The entire process from initial request for info to actually taking the class was a great experience and Rod made the process feel comfortable. I highly recommend buying from Rod as I know you will get honest, straightforward answers as well as competitive pricing. —Jerry Spicer, Sonoran Property Inspections, Scottsdale AZ (Fluke Ti32 – home inspections)

Why did you buy a Fluke infrared camera from Rod and take his ATT class? “If you are smart, the only person to buy an IR camera from is Rod Hoff at Restcon for obtaining the proper unit, great training and “after the sale” support.” —rr, CA (Fluke TiR2 flexcam – home inspection)

Why did you buy your Fluke IR camera? I bought a Fluke camera as an additional tool in performing residential and commercial energy audits. It has proven to be a very wise and valuable investment.

Why did you buy your Fluke IR camera from Rod? I purchased my Fluke camera from Rod Hoff for two reasons. First, I had never spoken with anyone as knowledgeable about infrared thermography as Rod…and I still haven’t. Secondly, Rod is such a great communicator and teacher. In addition to being patient, he is always accessible and responsive. He’s always there for you after the sale. —tj, TX (Fluke TiR – energy auditor)

Why did you buy your Fluke IR camera from Rod? A little over a year ago I started looking into purchasing a TI32 Infrared camera. I contacted several companies and I asked questions such as “which is the best camera for the money,? What kind of warranty does the camera come with and what kind of technical support does the company offer?”. I just wasn’t pleased with the answers that I received. Then I spoke with Rod Hoff. I found that Rod had the answers as well a lot of good information. The technical support that he and his company offers is awesome. I have called Rod on several occasions with questions about photos that I have taken and he has been able to explain how to enhance the photos and also offered other solutions to problem solving using the camera settings. If Rod is not in the office I leave a message and he always calls me back. To me that is very important in a business. He offers the best support on the market. He provides you with updates on the camera’s settings as well as moisture investigation techniques. Overall Rod is a very knowledgeable and he is a great person to talk to.

About a month after I received the training from Rod I went to a job and I used the camera to show a homeowner where they had a moisture problem. The owner decided that they wanted my company to fix the problem. The owner stated that no one else had been able to explain the problem or show them the problem that existed. That job paid for about half of the camera’s cost. Rod offers classes at an affordable rate and never makes me feel that any question I ask is trivial.

I probably would not have purchased my camera if I were not for the special attention and follow-up support provided by Rod Hoff..I would highly recommend anyone thinking about purchasing an infrared camera speak to Rod first before making their decision. They won’t be disappointed.

Brian in Texas

Why did you buy your Fluke IR camera? After researching the various manufacturers, Fluke seemed to be the leader when it comes to quality and customer service. Additionally, the IR feature was very attractive and has since become extremely useful in the field.

Why did you buy your Fluke IR camera from Rod? It became apparent, after talking with Rod, that he thoroughly understood the camera and offered training that was specific to the restoration industry —Jt, CA (Fluke Ti32)

Why did you buy a Fluke IR camera? I did my research before purchasing. I spent the last several months looking at the various cameras. First, I did not let you know that I already have an Infrared Camera. It got dropped and damaged. I was not even considering the Fluke Infrared Camera when I began my search. But when I saw the durability factor of the fluke cameras, it opened my eyes that there are tougher built cameras available. Then looking at the price, sensitivity & FPA, I was impressed. Add the IR fusion feature was also impressive. Fluke’s fusion is superior to the competition at this price level. I never thought to compare it until I learned more about it. Lastly, the software inclusion makes using the camera greatly improved from my 6 year old system. When I considered the package included with the camera, the Fluke offered valve, ease of use and a good software solution to the production of a quality reports. I know that inspection community has some polarization due to TV and trade shows. I have seen other companies that have broader arrays of cameras but for the field user, I can’t see using a fragile camera anymore.

Why did you buy your Fluke IR camera from Rod Hoff at Restoration Consultants Inc? The Camera does not come with experience. Rod and his Training give the Infrared Thermographer tools to learn and his insight and experience to assist the new and even mid level experienced user an edge in the emerging field of Infrared Thermography. Rod’s Training programs are at a great value and this training can also be used for training additional personnel. The training alone makes his price the best value. Rod is a knowledgeable resource. When I purchase something at this price, I want someone I can call as a resource and will pick up the phone and help. I know people often want the lowest price but that assistance when needed is worth more. The price is always an important factor but as I am saying you need to weigh what you get in the price. Often the customer service side of the product and associated benefits from the supplier and manufacturer are under estimated. I have found that many of the suppliers do not fully understand this technology and do not have training. Many purchasers often look at this technology as see it as a WOW and the resellers sell the WOW factor. Yes, Infrared Thermography allows you to see so many additional things. But as an engineer, I have to say, what is the protocol for use and pitfalls of the use. I was watching a video of a trainer of this technology and was astounded to see him making assumptions without saying how he confirmed that in his diagnosis without further investigation. Anyone can put up pictures and say anything reasonable but in the field, mis diagnosis could be an expensive lesson to a poorly trained person. While I do have experience and understanding of this technology, I needed the resources Rod and his training offers. —jh, CA (Fluke TiR)

Why did you buy a Fluke IR camera? After deciding to purchase an IR camera, I spent a lot of time researching all the options available. The Fluke camera had TWO important features I wanted. The first was durability – the drop tests were impressive and the deciding factor on purchasing a Fluke. The second important feature was not even on my list to begin with – the IR-Fusion/PIP. I decided the PIP was an important feature, not only for the sales benefit of showing results to customers, but also for my own benefit. Additional benefits I discovered about the Fluke – high quality construction, AMERICAN MADE, high resolution, and great software to actually make the photos more useful. I’m in the infancy of my education on using this camera, and I’m pretty sure the features I haven’t mentioned will make me even happier with my decision to purchase a Fluke.

Why did you buy your Fluke IR camera from Rod Hoff at Restoration Consultants Inc? I had talked with a lot of “sales” people during my hunt for an IR camera. But Rod didn’t come across as a sales person – rather someone trying to help me figure out what I needed. He spent time educating me on what IR really is all about – not only explaining the Fluke family of cameras, but how they work, how to use them, why the software is so important and how it works, and more. Rod never seemed pushy, impatient, and never tried to persuade me to go with one product over another. We had many conversations and emails before I called him back several months later to make my purchase. I think he was surprised by my final choice of the Ti32 because I had been talking about going with the entry level model the last couple of times we talked. As I remember, Rod was concerned about my choice change and we talked about it – I felt that Rod wanted to make sure I was really happy with my decision – that he didn’t want me to have any buyer’s remorse. I feel like I not only made the right decision on going with Fluke and the Ti32, but more importantly on deciding to get it from Rod. The confidence I have working with Rod is as gratifying as choosing the right product. —Dm, NM (Fluke Ti32)

Why did you buy a Fluke camera? I bought a Fluke camera because of several factors. The Fluke name has always stood out as a quality product. The fact that the Ti cameras have been tested and proven to be damage resistant up to a 6 foot drop. It’s a given that sooner or later it will be dropped due to the fact it is a high use tool. Most importantly after my research I concluded that for me as a home inspector the Fluke Camera will provide me with a great tool at a reasonable cost in comparison to other vendors’ products.

Why did you buy your Fluke camera from Rod Hoff? I bought my camera from Rod Hoff because of the knowledge and time Rod spent with me to show me the features and value the camera can add to my business. Rod was fair in his comparisons to other vendors products and gave factual information concerning cost differences. When I called other vendors I went to a call tree which would lead me to somebody. When I called Rod I either got Rod immediately or received a reply in a timely manor. Rod is available and has a sincere interest in thermal imaging. Rod offers me peace of mind as I move forward in learning Infrared. —Kb, MO (Fluke TiR1)

Why did you buy a FLUKE camera? Previous experience with FLUKE products and customer service. Rugged construction and more features for the investment cost.

Why did you buy your FLUKE camera from Rod Hoff? Rod simply goes above and beyond the call of duty! During my investigation phase of which camera to choose, Rod was consistently a wealth of knowledge and he never hesitated to share that knowledge. He was happy to answer my questions and offer demonstrations online to me without any guarantee or pressure that I would purchase my product from him.

Upon my purchase he was and IS still available to help me with any questions or concerns I may have. He has constantly volunteered the resources he has produced as well as other sources available to help me get the most out of my camera and guide me in areas that I hadn’t even thought of.

You can tell there’s a passion for his profession under that calm demeanor in which Rod always presents in situations. I like dealing with people that are passionate about what they do. —Truxton Meadows, AMI Environmental Testing Northwest, Inc., OR (Fluke TiS infrared camera)

Why did you buy a FLUKE camera?I bought a Fluke camera because after considerable research I found it to be a superior choice over other IR cameras: the simplicity of its design, durability, ease of use for both the camera and software…all at a very good price.

Why did you buy your FLUKE camera from Rod Hoff? I bought my IR camera from Rod Hoff because he is incredibly knowledgeable about the field of thermography and specifically how to get the best results from Fluke cameras. My application is for scientific research where infrared thermography is not commonly used (yet) and to have his knowledge base as a background to develop this technique is invaluable. Additionally, the offer of a two day course was appealing. I found this class incredibly helpful, both as an introduction to thermography and initial instruction on how to maximize all the features of the Fluke Ti32. —AD (NV)

Why did you buy a FLUKE camera?I bought a FLUKE® camera because I was aware of the good reputation of the camera in the Real Estate Inspection marketplace. After deciding on the purchase of an infrared camera, I considered price, performance, features and ‘user-friendly’ options. The FLUKE® Ti32 looked to be the best solution to our needs.

Why did you buy your FLUKE camera from Rod Hoff? We bought our FLUKE® from Rod Hoff because of the high level of personal service that he provided. He came to our facility to demonstrate the capabilities of cameras and help us solve some real-world problems. He was very accessible throughout the specification and ordering process and helped us through some bumps along the way. Since our purchase of the camera, he has been available for training, accessory purchase and any questions we’ve had on use and application of infrared thermography. I absolutely would go to Rod [“Infra Rod”!] for another purchase. —AHD (CA)

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