IR Fusion


Fusion-ylw02Eliminate Confusion with Fluke IR Fusion(FT). Take the mystery out of IR Image analysis and reporting with IR-Fusion which combines infrared images and visible light fused together on the industry’s largest five inch display available through RestCon. View images in a range of modes from full Infrared to full visible light or blended any where in between and clearly see all the details.

The Sharper Simpler Smarter design combines innovative technologies with unprecedented ease of use and a rich set of camera functionality available through RestCon.

Standard in all: TiR, TiR1, TiR2FT, TiR3FT and TiR4FT Series cameras.

Five Different Viewing Modes:

IR Fusion - Full Infrared View

Full IR
Troubleshoot and analyze functional or other deficiencies in facilities and equipment with highest resolution infrared imaging.

IR Fusion - Picture-in-Picture View

Creates an IR portal surrounded by a visible light frame of reference to quickly and easily identify and analyze thermal anomalies.

IR Fusion - Alpha Blending View

Alpha Blending
Combines visible and infrared images together – at any ratio – creating a single image with greatly enhanced detail. Choose to display an image from full IR to full Visible, or anywhere in between.

IR Fusion -  Infrared / Visible View

IR/Visible Alarm
Programs the camera so only temperatures that fall above, below or in-between the specified range are displayed in full IR format, leaving the rest of the image in full Visible light format.

IR Fusion - Full Visible Light View

Full Visible Light
Unique IR-Fusion technology delivers pixel-for-pixel reference photos. Capture bright, detailed control images of subject areas for incident and remediation documentation and reporting.

1.3 mega pixel Visible light sensor and Fluke’s Vanadium Oxide uncooled micro bolometer IR sensor are combined together on the industry’s largest 5″ LCD to provide unmatched image quality.

Easy point and shoot feature simultaneously provides both the infrared and visible light image from the same viewing perspective, clearly identifying the point of interest.

Linked visible and IR images provides the easiest and simplest reporting and file management.

Only with IR-Fusion can a laser point be viewed on the LCD to provide precise and accurate problem location.

SmartView™ software provides comprehensive post-image temperature analysis and report capabilities for both visible light and IR images.

Five IR-Fusion viewing modes allow you to optimize your images based on the application needs.

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