Flexcam Series: Ti50 & Ti55

Ti50The Fluke Ti55FT and Ti50FT models feature everything needed for virtually any thermography task.

Fluke FlexCam Thermal Imagers come standard with the patent-pending Fluke IR-Fusion® Technology fusing visual (visible light) images with infrared images. SmartView® IR analysis and reporting software is included with each purchase along with free software upgrades for the life of your product.

These models feature 320 x 240 detectors and temperature sensitivity (NETD) down to 0.05 °C (50 mK) in the higher end model.

Choose Fluke FlexCam Thermal Imagers when you need industry leading thermal sensitivity for high resolution, ultra high-quality images.

Typical applications:

  • Troubleshooting—Pinpointing the location of specific problems in equipment and systems.
  • Preventive/predictive maintenance—Identify electrical and mechanical problems before they cause failure.
  • Industrial maintenance—Check whether repairs have been performed correctly.
  • Process monitoring—Real-time observation to ensure efficient and safe operations.
  • Quality control—Examine prototypes and refine thermal management designs.
  • Research and development—Quantify heat patterns to improve product designs.
  • Electronic design—Circuit board analysis.

Download the Ti50 and Ti55 Spec Sheet

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