IR FlexCam TiR4FT

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The FlexCam® TiR4FT incorporates our uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) microbolometer sensor, industry-leading thermal sensitivity (≤50mK NETD), and a 60 Hz frame rate offering real-time target temperature displayed live on the industry's largest 5-inch color display.


We combine our new 25 micron, 320 X 240 focal plane array, and your choice of 10mm, 20mm, and 54mm lenses to deliver the best image resolution available from any of our products.

With our 180° articulating lens, menu-driven Windows® CE software and intuitive ergonomic design, the FlexCam family is the easiest to use IR camera.

The large LCD display makes scanning easier. The IR FlexCam’s sunlight-readable 5" color LCD display is twice the size of many competitive models. Its high-resolution image makes it much easier to see, scroll and accurately measure the temperature of any of the points in an image.

No hidden costs. Our comprehensive SmartView™ PC analysis software is included at no extra charge and enables sophisticated temperature and image analysis. Engineered to be extremely easy to use, the SmartView™ software allows you to quickly analyze your images and automatically generate highly customizable professional reports.

Stand upright with our ergonomic 180° pivoting lens. No more squinting through tiny viewfinders or contorting to capture an image. The IR FlexCam’s unique 180° pivoting lens, automatic image enhancement and optical zoom make scans quick and easy.

The easiest to use too! The new IR FlexCam® TiR4FT is a fully radiometric, portable, video rate infrared camera with outstanding image quality. The Sharper•Simpler•Smarter™ design features combine unprecedented ease of use with a rich set of functionality.

• 5-inch high resolution, sunlight readable color LCD
• 180-degree articulating lens joint
• Highly sensitive 320 X 240 detector produces exceptionally clear and crisp video images
• Eight different color palettes enhance versatility of the image on the large display
• Records subtle temperature changes for both moving and still targets in real-time

• Exceptionally easy to use
• Intuitive operation with on-camera Windows® CE Interface
• Easy to navigate menu structure
• Mouse-pointer with left and right mouse button allows for user familiarity
• SmartView™ companion software package expedites image downloading and analysis (at no additional cost)
• On screen annotations
• Store and download over 1500 images

• Precise full-screen temperature measurement from -20°C to 600°C
• Programmable image capture saves thermal images at preset time intervals, or on high/low temperature triggers
• Easily attach customized comments to your images
• SmartView™ software provides comprehensive post-image temperature analysis and report generation capabilities
• Programmable buttons allow for quick access to frequently used commands
• Ergonomically efficient design facilitates scanning of awkwardly positioned targets and reduces user fatigue
• Battery charge capacity gauge

Standard FlexCam TiR4 accessories (included)
• Heavy-Duty Carrying Case
• 20mm f/0.8 lens
• Battery Pack (2)
• Battery Charger, Dual
• Video Cable, 12 ft.
• Compact Flash, Type 1 with
• Neck Strap
• USB Card Reader
SmartView™ Report Software for Windows 98 or later on CD
• Camera Users Manual
• AC Adapter
2 Year Warranty


  • Moisture Inspections
    Accurately detect and prove moisture issues located behind interior walls, in ceilings or under carpet-covered floors have been completely resolved. >more
  • Building Energy
    Perform infrared energy audits for residential and commercial applications. Increase the thermal efficiency of a home or building by scanning for thermal heat loss, moisture invasion, concrete integrity and heat ventilation problems. >more
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