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Basic Thermography Training Certificate of CompletionHave an IR camera but haven’t been trained? This is for you! Avoid expensive “false” positives and “false” negatives in your investigations. Document your training. Pass the test and get your personal certificate of completion.

Save $300. Our $495.00 BTT online course is now available at a discounted price of $195.00. You will have access to it for 60 days. Review the information as many times as you want to achieve your comfort level. You will have your own password that allows you full control of the course.

BTT (basic thermography training) is an online course presented in 4 modules. The course contains quizzes and IR Imagea final exam. Learn about heat energy, phase changes, heat transfer, IR radiation and target surface thermal characteristics. These principles apply to any application in the use of an infrared camera. You’ll also learn the principles and techniques of building moisture investigations and building envelope investigations.

Module I: physics of infrared / principles of thermodynamics
Module II: modes of heat transfer / target surface characteristics / radiosity
Module III: water damage / psychrometry / moisture investigations
Module IV: building envelope investigations / insulation issues / air leaks

How to Register:

Download the Registration Form (PDF) and fax or email back to us.

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