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For your information you can receive some FREE training in using thermal imaging cameras for building diagnostics.  I will be teaching a one day class for PG&E in San Jose June 7th  and I’ll be giving 5 half day seminars with Fluke per the attached schedule.  Hope to see you there.

June 7th               PG&E sponsored             (9:00-4:30)          San Jose               call 209-932-2518 to register

June 8th                 Fluke co-sponsored        (8:00-12:00)        San Jose               call 800-760-4523 to register

July 27th               Fluke co-sponsored        (8:00-12:00)        Fresno                  call 800-760-4523 to register

Aug 24th               Fluke co-sponsored        (8:00-12:00)        Santa Rosa          call 800-760-4523 to register

Oct 5th                   Fluke co-sponsored        (8:00-12:00)        Pleasanton         call 800-760-4523 to register

Nov 16th               Fluke co-sponsored        (8:00-12:00)        Sacramento        call 800-760-4523 to register

How’s your comfort level in thermography?
(The above comments represent my opinion).

Rod Hoff / Restoration Consultants Inc
Thermography Instructor / IR camera sales
3284 Ramos Circle, Sacramento CA 95827
toll free 888-617-3266 ext 301
fax 916-736-1134

Provider of Fluke TiS, TiR, TiR1, Ti, Ti25, TiR27, Ti27, TiR29, Ti29, TiR32, Ti32, TiR3, and TiR4 infrared cameras.


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About infrarod

Rod Hoff is a Thermographer and instructor with Restoration Consultants, Inc. He teaches a two-day IR class in moisture and building envelope investigations. A graduate from Florida State University, with a degree in education, he received his formal training in Thermography from Snell Infrared and Restoration Consultants, Inc.

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