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Blog #047 – Your THERMOGRAPHY COMFORT LEVEL –What is the difference in a night vision scope and an IR camera?

A night vision scope is not the same thing as a thermal imaging camera, although Hollywood seems to get them confused sometimes.  On the electromagnetic spectrum the energy waves in the visible light bandwidth run from 0.4 microns to 0.7 microns.  Our eyes operate in that spectrum, translating the energy waves into visible light images.  The night vision scope operates in that band width too and therefore requires light, even though it requires only a little bit of light.  The IR camera operates in a bandwidth “beyond” the red part of the visible light spectrum.  No light waves are involved or required by the thermal imaging camera.  Have you ever been in a cave deep down in the earth, perhaps a tourist site?  Usually the guide turns out all of the lights so that you can experience total absence of light.  You can’t even see your hand in front of your face.  Would a night vision scope help you see?  NO!  It requires a little bit of light.  Would an IR camera help?  Oh yes!  The IR radiation coming from all surfaces is the same whether there is light or not.  Your thermal imaging camera would pick up everything.  Try it.

How’s your comfort level in thermography?
(The above comments represent my opinion).

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Rod Hoff is a Thermographer and instructor with Restoration Consultants, Inc. He teaches a two-day IR class in moisture and building envelope investigations. A graduate from Florida State University, with a degree in education, he received his formal training in Thermography from Snell Infrared and Restoration Consultants, Inc.

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