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Blog #042 – Your THERMOGRAPHY COMFORT LEVEL –It’s an “area of investigation” – no more, no less

What can be mistaken for interior moisture issues using thermography?  When moisture evaporates from a surface it leaves the surface cooler than the adjacent dry area.  If you are using the red/blue palette (which all of the Fluke infrared cameras have) it will appear blue (depending on the setting of the span bar).  If you are using the gray scale palette it will appear darker.  What else can appear the same on the interior of the house?  Missing insulation on a cold day will appear very similar to evaporative cooling.  Cold air blowing on a wall from the AC unit will appear very similar to evaporative cooling.  Corners at 90 degree angles (walls, floors, ceilings) often appear cooler due to the lack of air movement.  Remember, IR cameras are not moisture meters.  Our cameras use focal plane array detectors to “detect” thermal differences.  When you see a thermal difference you are looking at an “area of investigation”, period – no more, no less.

Missing insulation (cold day)

Missing insulation (cold day)Moisture signatureMissing insulation (cold day)Moisture signature

Moisture signature (1)

Moisture signature (1)

Missing insulation (cold day-2)

Missing insulation (cold day-2)

Moisture signature (2)

Moisture signature (2)

See what I mean?  That’s why you’ll want to say:  That’s an “area of investigation” – no more, no less.  After you investigate the anomaly you can identify it based on your investigation rather than on the thermal difference.   (All of the above images were taken with Fluke infrared cameras.)

How’s your comfort level in thermography?
(The above comments represent my opinion).

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Rod Hoff is a Thermographer and instructor with Restoration Consultants, Inc. He teaches a two-day IR class in moisture and building envelope investigations. A graduate from Florida State University, with a degree in education, he received his formal training in Thermography from Snell Infrared and Restoration Consultants, Inc.

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