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Blog #038 – Your THERMOGRAPHY COMFORT LEVEL –IR- Fusion® and the blending feature. What is it?

One of the greatest advancements in infrared cameras came a few years back when FLUKE introduced the IR Fusion cameras.  This solved so many issues that had been a challenge for thermographers.  It’s easy to see exactly what you are looking at and where it is when using your eyes or a visible light camera.  But, it’s not so easy to know where you are when looking at an infrared camera.  For example, look at this issue.

I call this "CONFUSION"

I call this "CONFUSION"


Any guesses what this is?  You could label it CONFUSION!  Think how difficult it would be to describe to someone what you are looking at and where it’s located.  THAT HAS BEEN THE CHALLENGE FOR YEARS.  However, it is no longer a problem since the IR-Fusion® technology was introduced.  With a Fluke TiR1, TiR32/Ti32 or FlexCam TiR3/TiR4/Ti50/Ti55 you can blend the IR portion of the image down to better see the image in visible light.  The following image is blended down to 25% IR and 75% visible light.

Full screen IR, blended down to 25% infrared

Full screen IR, blended down to 25% infrared


I can now see that the anomaly is located on this cinder block wall.  But, I still can’t prove where it is.  So, let me go to the picture-in-picture mode so that we can easily locate this issue on the wall.

Taken with Fluke IR Fusion camera.  Picture-in-picture.  Infrared blended down to 25%.

Taken with Fluke IR Fusion camera. Picture-in-picture. Infrared blended down to 25%.


I can now count over and down and identify exactly where this anomaly is located.  See how powerful this new technology is for documenting the anomalies that we run into during our investigations.  If you have one of these cameras, don’t hesitate to use this great feature.  Call me if you have any questions.

How’s your comfort level in thermography?
(The above comments represent my opinion).

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Rod Hoff is a Thermographer and instructor with Restoration Consultants, Inc. He teaches a two-day IR class in moisture and building envelope investigations. A graduate from Florida State University, with a degree in education, he received his formal training in Thermography from Snell Infrared and Restoration Consultants, Inc.

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