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Blog #025 – Your THERMOGRAPHY COMFORT LEVEL – Exercise #4 – insulation detection!

Review Blog #022, #023 & #024 and continue with the exercise.

Cool wall cavity areas (darker color) and warmer wood framing (lighter color):

Scenario #7 – viewed from the outside during the cooling season (summer) – are the bays insulated?

Scenario #8 – viewed from the inside during the cooling season (summer) – are the bays insulated?

Infrared view - cool bays, warm framing

Infrared view - cool bays, warm framing


Scenario #7 – no insulation

Scenario #8 – insulated


The intent of these 8 scenarios in these four blogs (#022, #023, #024, #025) was to give you an opportunity to practice thinking on a molecular level.  Hopefully this has raised your thermography comfort level.

How’s your comfort level in thermography?
(The above comments represent my opinion).

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