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Blog #001 – Your THERMOGRAPHY COMFORT LEVEL – Introduction

My name is Rod Hoff.  I have been working at Restoration Consultants, Inc in Sacramento, CA as an instructor in thermography and as a distributor of infrared cameras (thermal imaging cameras) for over 6 years.  How does that help you?  Well, I spend a lot of time studying thermography, and I enjoy it.  There is still a lot more for any of us to learn and I’ll continue searching and studying this fascinating science so that I have things to share with you.  My main function at RestCon is to educate those of you who are interested in adding the thermal imaging technology as a part of your business.  What businesses?  Perhaps you are a water damage restoration technician, a home inspector, an energy auditor or a person that is involved with the construction, maintenance, or inspection of buildings.  For those of you who work in any of these areas, my blog will focus on helping you acquire a COMFORT LEVEL in the use of an infrared camera.  Your success in the use of an your infrared camera is directly proportional (in my opinion) to your COMFORT LEVEL in thermography (the use of thermal imaging cameras), your understanding of the physics of infrared, your understanding of the principles of thermodynamics and psychrometry, etc.  I will try my best to provide you, via our web blog, with helpful information that brings your comfort level up and makes you a more powerful user of this incredible thermal imaging technology.  Although I make my income by selling Fluke infrared cameras, the purpose of this ongoing series of blogs is to take the information that I’ve enjoyed learning and share it with you in hopes that you’ll get more out of your investment in your infrared camera.

Your COMFORT LEVEL in using your IR camera is critical to your success.  What do I mean by COMFORT LEVEL? It’s like learning a new language.  You start by becoming familiar with the new words.  You struggle, at first, with translating your thoughts (words) into the new language.  Or you struggle translating the foreign language into your language, the language you are comfortable with.  After a while, you become more and more comfortable with the words in the new language and you begin speaking fluently.  You now have a HIGH COMFORT LEVEL. The purpose of my blogs will be to raise your COMFORT LEVEL in the use of your infrared camera. I enjoy it and I hope you enjoy it.

Call any time and tell me how I can best help you.  888-617-3266 ext 301.

infrared image of duct leak

Image taken by John Banta using a Fluke FlexCam Ti45. Heat loss such as you see here can cost a small fortune in heating/cooling bills.

How’s your comfort level in thermography?
(The above comments represent my opinion).

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About infrarod

Rod Hoff is a Thermographer and instructor with Restoration Consultants, Inc. He teaches a two-day IR class in moisture and building envelope investigations. A graduate from Florida State University, with a degree in education, he received his formal training in Thermography from Snell Infrared and Restoration Consultants, Inc.

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